The Competition

Verona International Piano Competition, born on 2011 to commemorate Franz Liszt on the bicentennial of his birth, has to thank the constructive and essential support given by late great pianist Aldo Ciccolini, who has been appointed honorary president.

Since its inception, VIPC is the point of reference among the international piano awards: on 2012, in fact, this competition was accepted as a formal member of "Alink-Argerich Foundation" and today gets to its credit prestigious collaborations with Italian and international music institutions.

Besides, VIPC has rewarded young pianists, that today they are placed into the international concert chains, as Elizaveta Ivanova - Russia (2011), Mamikon Nakhapetov - Georgia (2012), Yoonhee Yang - South Korea (2013), Evgeny Brakhman - Russia (2014), Jin-Hyeon Lee - South Korea and Florian Mitrea - Romania (2016) and Vasyl Kotys (2017).

This competition is characterized by the severity of the judgment of the Commissions, which they show transparent voting and always opened to dialogue with whole members.

I remember the Chairmans by the Jury of the past editions: Roberto Cappello (Italy), Leslie Howard (England), Francois-Joel Thiollier (France) and Boris Bloch (Ukraine).

The friendly atmosphere that is possible to "breathe" in VIPC helps to get opportunities for comparison, communication, solidarity and friendship among the candidates: more than seven hundred young pianists, coming from more than thirty countries, who up to now have chosen Verona as stage of their artistic practice, excited about the experience and the efficient organization.

I have to thank the members of the Honorary Committee, the Boards of Examiners, the public and private sponsors, the organization and all those which help in a decisive way Verona International Piano Competition.

Roberto Pegoraro
Artistic Director


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